Smith Security Inc. is a licensed, insured and bonded security provider in Ontario.

Cyber Security Services

Dealing with cybersecurity is an incredible challenge. With more devices than users per household or business, it often feels like attackers hold all the power.
The cost of ignoring cybersecurity costs North Americans millions of dollars every year.
For this reason, cybersecurity is rapidly becoming one of our most sought our security guarding services.
Smith Security Inc. is a team of security guard industry professionals trained in the latest cybersecurity best practices, processes, and technologies. By working with Smith Security Inc., you’ll gain control of your data, computers, networks, and programs.
Our security guards have the tools you need to protect your company, people, and assets from digital threats. Our team of experts can work with you to identify your specific needs and implement solutions to keep you and your data safe.

Here are a few ways in which Smith Security Inc. and our security guards tackle cybersecurity services.

Network Security: Most cyber attacks occur over the network. Designed to pinpoint and prevent these types of attacks, network security solutions help with Network Access Control (NAC), Identity Access Management (IAM), and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Device Security: Many companies provide smartphones and tablets to employees. These devices can access corporate and personal information that attackers love to get their hands on. Implementing a Mobile Device Management solution keeps this information secure.

Application Security: Any web application you or your employees use connects to the Internet. Without proper security measures, attackers can gain access to these applications. A good application security plan and process prevent this from happening.

Cloud Security: Thanks to cloud computing, so much information requires additional security to stop attackers. Implementing other cloud security solutions, policies, controls, and services is crucial to keep data safe.

If you’re looking for a security guard company near you, look no further. Smith Security Inc. offers cybersecurity services in Toronto, Mississauga, Oshawa, Brampton, and many other locations throughout Ontario.


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