Smith Security Inc. is a licensed, insured and bonded security provider in Ontario.

Retail Loss Prevention Services

It’s no secret that the retail industry loses millions of dollars in revenue annually due to theft. And the effects on big box stores and small local independent shops are devastating.
Smith Security Inc. offers premium retail security services to prevent retail loss, protect client assets, catch thieves, and help end retail theft across Ontario.
From clothing and jewelry to electronics and appliances, we’ll help protect your bottom line.

Our team of licensed security guard professionals provides the following retail security services:

On-Site Retail Security Services: The presence of security guards in your place of business is the best way to deter would-be thieves from stealing retail goods. Having a security guard on duty 24 hours a day, or 365 patrol security services, gives thieves fewer opportunities. In addition, our security guards will catch the guilty parties in the act, manage the situation, and reduce overall risk to you and your employees.

Monitoring Security Services: If hiring a security guard isn’t part of your retail security services plan, we’ve also got you covered! Trained and licensed to use the latest, up-to-date technologies, our security guards can assist you in selecting and installing suitable cameras and other monitoring devices.

Proactive Plans and Solutions: Retail theft is a challenge, but with the right plan and solution, it’s possible to reduce the number of goods stolen. Smith Security Inc. encourages clients to reveal critical concerns to explore the right security plan. An added benefit to working with us? Our background in private investigation means we also know the right people to locate stolen products.


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