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Timmins Security Guards

Timmins is in Northern Ontario. With a population of just over 40,000, this small city also hosts a large French community. Over 50% of residents in Timmins are bilingual.
This small city’s primary industry is resource extraction. So if you’re looking for gold, nickel, silver, copper, or zinc, Timmins is the place to go.
With such valuable resources, it’s no wonder that Timmins relies on security services and security guards to keep people, assets, and property secure.
Smith Security Inc. specializes in offering the right security services to cities like Timmins. We understand how crucial it is to monitor things like mining sites, heavy equipment, and even data. The services our team provides present a complete security solution through security services like,
And if you’re looking to start your career as a security guard, look no further! Smith Security Inc. runs a highly rated online security guard training course. Our instructors have a 100% student success rate thanks to our adaptability for all learning types.
Earn your security guard license at your own pace and start a new career in Timmins.


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