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Use of Force Training

Smith Security Inc. is the industry leader in Security and Investigative training within Ontario. We proudly offer the Use of Force Certification – Handcuffing and Baton Certification.

Our course is 100% online, interactive, engaging, and informative.

Our expert, Use of Force – Handcuffing and Baton instructors designed this course to ensure students understand the definition of Use of Force, when to use it, and how to use force when required. In addition, taking this course prepares students for a use of force license, Ontario.

Training Syllabus

Use of Force Training and Handcuffing and Baton Training provides students with proper take-down techniques, ground defence techniques, and subject control tactics. This course is an extension of the security guard training course, and you will earn a separate certificate.

Students will learn,

This online use of force training course is available to anyone in Ontario, including, Toronto, Ottawa, Barrie, Mississauga, Scarbourough, Brampton, Oshawa, Hamilton, London, Windsor, and more.
Use of force training
Use of force training

Use of Force Training

Handcuffing and Baton training provides you with the proper takedown techniques, ground defense techniques as well as subject control tactics. There are no refunds on training courses purchased.


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